Past events

The club in and out 

Every fortnight, the meetings are always an opportunity to speak English in a convivial atmosphere but we also propose extra activities in order to have fun and practice English.

Diner at the restaurant / Pau / 4th of May 2023

The latest event we shared is a meal at Les Rosbifs restaurant in Pau. It was an opportunity to have a fantastic meal in a friendly English atmosphere.

The menu and the service are indeed "made in England"! We received a warm welcome from Ben Rigden and his team. We recommend you to go and discover this place where we usually go every year to enjoy a great British time.

A movie at the Méliès / Place du Foirail / 21st of March 2023

The club invited all the members to watch The Fabelmans, the latest Steven Spielberg movie.

The event took place at the new Méliès cinema, it was for most of us a great way to discover the place. We were able to practice our English and spend a good and relaxed evening together.

Christmas meal / Pau / 19th of December 2022

For our last meeting before the Christmas Holidays we decided to eat together so each of us brought something to share : an opportunity to taste everyone's specialty, to chat (in English of course) in an informal context and to know each other better.

During the meal, we exchanged presents randomly. Chance doing things well, we all received something related to us. 😉 Thank you to all of you for this good time.

Forum des associations / Foire de Pau / 10th of September 2022

For the first time this year, the Forum des associations was held during the annual Foire de Pau. And it was a good idea because we had a lot of visitors during this day.

Our booth was ready early in the morning. Michaël and Morgane started the day until 2 PM. Then Stéphanie and Philippe came for the afternoon.

We spend an incredibly good time welcoming our visitors and we finished the day exhausted, but it was worth it.

Our meeting on the 12th of September will be crowded ! But do not hesitate to visit us anyway...

Forum des associations / Pau / 5th of September 2021

On this beautiful day, we had a nice booth for this huge event. From 10 AM to 5 PM Morgane and Michaël had many friendly visitors. We distributed tons of stickers and many new contacts. Among them, a few native English speakers which is great.

Our meeting on the 13th of September will be crowded ! But do not hesitate to visit us anyway...